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Tyler's Fight Club

Tyler Roland Martin is a veteran of the US Army, Military Intelligence Corps, 10th Mountain Division, former amateur boxer and proud, lifelong Lindenhurst resident. While serving our country honorably for four years, he witnessed and helped combat the rise and fall of the Islamic State.

Upon returning home to begin a new adventure as a civilian, Tyler tapped into the multitude of emotions fellow veterans feel after leaving service. He has chronicled many of these feeling through the stories & poems he has published (click here).

In addition Tyler reconnected with Boxing Coach Ray Bettinelli of Bettinelli’s Community Boxing Academy (BCBA), a local All-Volunteer not for profit organization geared toward helping at risk youth and veterans find purpose.


Now, in partnership with (BCBA) he is proud to introduce Tyler’s Fight Club, a gym for those veterans seeking the meaning, purpose and brotherhood left behind after completing their term of service.

For those who have never served, you’re welcome at Tyler’s Fight Club as well; provided you’re dedicated, thick skinned (man and woman), devoted to bettering your family, community and country while bettering yourself.

Tyler’s Fight Club believes very strongly that training through the sport of boxing, anyone can improve their mental and physical strength, boost their confidence and improve their ability to contend with the difficulties of life we all must face.
If you are interested get in contact with Tyler. And don’t forget to ask about a Complimentary walk through! TFC at BCBA.


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