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• Dodge Ball is played by two teams, each made up of six players. The purpose of each team is to eliminate opposing team members. This may be done by:
1. Hitting an opposing player with a LIVE thrown ball below the shoulders.
2. Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground. Definition: LIVE: A ball that has been thrown and has not touched anything, including the floor/ground, another ball, another player, official or other item outside of the playing field (wall, ceiling, baskets, etc.).
3. An opposing player sinks a Power Ball shot and elects to eliminate you (or one of your teammates).

• All games are held on Tues from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

• Each night of play only ONE team will be crowned "King of the Court”!

Fee to Enter a Team is Only a $75 Donation
(Includes up to 2 Extra/Sub Players)


• Teams are made up of six (6) players. A team must have ALL 6 players on the court to start/play a game or will forfeit. Each team must assign one member as captain. A Co-captain is suggested as ONLY captains (and Co Captains) can call time out, make roaster changes and talk to refs.

• Up to 2 alternates can be on any team’s roaster - max roaster is 8 players. Official roaster’s (list of a team’s players) are SET at the beginning of the challenge/season. All team lineups and provided to competing teams.

• All players MUST be registered prior to season play. During play any alternates must match the players a team registered prior to the start of the season . Any unauthorized player (non-registered) taking the court will risk loss, penalty of expulsion from the challenge.

• In the event both captain and co-captains are unable to attend a game, a team MAY designate a player as captain for that series of play.

• All team's players MUST be in matching uniform be it colored tee-shirts or something more elaborate. Also NO METAL or other objects can be used in the creation of a uniform as it can fall off, come lose or scratch others.

• No jewelry or metal items may be worn by any player. Rubber soled sneakers must be worn by all players and at all times while on the court.

• During play only those players that are OUT or are benched can act as retrievers for their team. Any LIVE player leaving the court FOR ANY REASON during game play will be called OUT. Any OUT or ALTERNATE players encroaching or entering the court from the Neutral Zone during game play will result in 1 player being lost from the offenders’ team.

• Players and Alternates may only substitute for each other prior to start of each game. During games substitutions can ONLY be made if an injury time out is called by a ref or a team captain calls for a time out.

• All CDBC participants MUST have one of the following forms of identification to play:
1. Valid Picture ID



• The game begins with 6 balls lined up on the center line, 3 on either side of the Power Ball. Each teams balls are to their right (3 per team). Power Ball is anyone’s ball. Players must be touching the back wall on their side of the court at the start of the game.

• Once the referee starts the game (the opening rush), team's charge to gather their balls. Teams must bring their balls back behind their attack line (approx 8’ off the centerline) before they become live and are legal to throw. Any ball thrown before being brought back behind the attack line will be considered DEAD and that player who threw the ball will be called OUT.

• During the opening rush player MUST be on their feet and CAN NOT slide or drive into the center area to retrieve their balls. There is a SMALL tolerance for centerline infractions during the opening rush, players may touch the center line on the opening rush (but not cross it | ref makes the call).

• Elimination occurs when a player is struck cleanly with a ball thrown by an opposing teams player, a ball you've thrown is caught by an opposing teams player or an opposing teams player sinks a Power Ball shot and elects to eliminate you (or one of your teammates).

• During the game a team can shoot the POWER BALL into the opposing team's basketball hoop, whereby 1 member (of the shooters choice) and from the shooter's team may re-enter the contest or 1 member from the opposing team can be selected for elimination. The POWER BALL CAN NEVER BE THROWN! Throwing the power ball results in that player being called OUT. The 10 second holding rule applies to the POWER BALL the same as it does to the Dodge Balls. If a shot POWER BALL hits NOTHING (i.e. air ball) it is considered live and can be caught. If caught under that circumstance, the shooter of the Power Ball is out or the catcher can bring ANY eliminated player back into the game (one or the other).

• During games only (“Alternates or Out Players) are allowed in the “neutral zone” (area between the court, net and team benches) to retrieve balls. All Alternates must wear vests or other markings that indicate they are additional team members, but not participants in current game.

• Players must stay in bounds for the entire game – you are OUT if you step outside the right sideline (by the Neutral Zone) of the playing space (the area by the net and team benches).

• The baseline in the back of the court as well as the left side is basically up against their three corresponding walls. Players will not be called OUT for crossing these three lines or touching their walls (see court diagram). However, if a player crosses the line that indicates the right boundary "Neutral Zone" (where team benches and drop net is) that player will be called out by the ref.

• You may not hold a ball for more than ten (10) seconds without throwing it across the centerline. If you do, a violation will be called and you will have to forfeit your ball to the other team. Simply dropping the ball does not prevent you from getting a violation, the ball must be thrown across the center line within the 10 seconds. Multiple stalling violations may result in the loss of one player from your team.

• After play has begun the center line may not be crossed or touched by either team. If any part of a player’s body touches, passes the center line, the player will be eliminated. Again, the only exception is on the opening rush and on SUICIDE THROWS.


• Anything being worn by a player counts as part of their body. If the ball strikes loose clothing it will be treated as if it hit the player directly.

• All games are timed 5 minute sessions. Victory points are awarded as follows: 3pts. for an elimination victory (all opposing player were taken out within the 5min game). 2pts. for a timed out or sudden death victory (a team finishes the game with more players than their opponent or wins via a sudden death Power Ball victory). NO POINTS are awarded to the losing team.

• You are out if the ball hits you in the air. The moment you are out the ball becomes dead. Player must immediately exit the court without touching, kicking or otherwise interfering with live play. If the player who was struck was holding a ball at the time he was struck, he must immediately drop it to the floor before exiting the court.

• If a player is hit by a ball, the player is out unless the same player that is hit catches the ball after impact but before it touches any other surface. If a teammate catches the ball after it hits the player, the player that is hit is still eliminated.

• A player may use a ball to block the throw of a player on the opposing team. If the referee determines that the ball struck the hand of the player attempting to block the ball then that player will be eliminated. Also, if the ball that is being used to block an opponent's throw is dropped in the colliding of two balls, the player who dropped the ball is eliminated. Blocked balls CAN NOT BE CAUGHT for outs.

• Each team will be allowed 1-30 sec. timeout per game. During the match, player substitutions will be allowed; during a team timeout, a ref called injury timeout or before the start of a new game. A player who is eliminated from a game is not an eligible substitute for re-entry into that game.

• After a player is out of game they may act as an additional retriever for their team of dead balls (in the Neutral Zone). The player remains in re-entry order in the event of a caught ball.

• If an incoming ball is deflected by another ball or any other object including a teammate the incoming ball is dead.

• If a player catches a ball thrown by the opposing team the player who threw the ball is out. Once the referee determines that a player is out that player must line up in the indicated Neutral Zone bench area to wait for the chance to return to the game. The team who caught the ball gets to bring an eliminated player back into the game. The order of reentry is determined by the order the players were eliminated, should a ball be caught. The first player out will be the first player to re-enter. If a ball has been caught and a player re-enters the game out of order he/she will be immediately eliminated.

• You may NOT drop a ball that you are holding in attempt to catch another ball that has been thrown at you – if you do you are OUT. You CAN use a held ball to block or deflect a throw ball but TRAPPING is NOT permitted. Any ball caught using a ball being held is considered DEAD. Likewise balls caught after being blocked with a held ball are DEAD.

• SUICIDE THROWS are permitted. A suicide throw is when a player leaps over the center line with a ball in hand and fires it (while still in the air) at and opposing player. If the throw results in a clean out the thrower is free to return to his/her side without risk of being hit while they are on the opposing side. As soon as the thrower returns to their side they are considered live again and can be hit. If a suicide throw does NOT result in a clean out then the thrower is out and must promptly leave the court.

• A ball that hits ANYTHING at any time it is dead. Balls can NOT ricochet off other players to be caught or to get others out.

• Only those hit directly by a thrown ball can catch that ball. Balls must be caught before it hits another object or another player. A player may tap or bobble the catch so long as the ball does not come into contact with ANY other object prior to the catch. If so the catch is LEGAL and thrower is OUT.

• Absolutely NO INTENTIONAL HEADSHOTS – player ejection is called if ref deems the throw was intentionally thrown at the head of an upright player. NOTE: If a player puts their head below their natural head line, (by ducking or sliding etc.) then their head is considered live. A player will be called out when their head is hit in this situation.

• NO PINTCHING or SQUEEZING the balls to alter their shape or trajectory. 1st offense 1 ball goes to opponent’s team – 2nd offense loss of 1 player from offending team. A player may not alter the natural shape of a dodge ball (example: squishing or flattening) and then throw that dodge ball at an opposing player. If a referee determines that a ball is being flattened prior to being thrown, the ball will be declared DEAD and forfeited to the other team.

• You are responsible for the actions of your own fans. Keep them enthused but under control.



• Refs may warn players and call technical fouls on those who display un-sportsmanlike conduct. Any player receiving two (2) technical fouls in a game will be ejected and suspended a minimum of one game. Suspensions will begin with their team’s next scheduled game. Severe infractions or multiple technical fouls may result in a being disqualified from the contest and or future games and can be ejected from the tournament.

• No Arguing with the officials – their word is FINAL.

• When an official calls or whistles "TIME or STOP"– all play must CEASE and NO PLAYER CAN MOVE. If any player moves to gain position or retrieve a ball etc. that player will be called out! Again, their word is FINAL.

• No kicking of the balls – Balls that are kicked are dead and go to the opposing team.


• A 5-minute time limit has been established for each contest. The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players within that time frame will be declared the winner and awarded 3 points. If neither team has been fully eliminated at the end of the 5 minutes, the team with the greater number of players remaining will be declared the winner and awarded 2 points. If at the end of 5-minute regulation both teams have the same number of players remaining (a tie) victory will be decided by a POWER BALL SUDDEN DEATH SHOOT OUT with the winner being awarded 2 points. A forfit win gets you the victory but only 1 point.


This rule shall ONLY be used in the event each team has the same number of players left after regulation time has run out. In that case a coin is flipped to see who goes first. The team winning the toss gets to decide if they what to shoot first or second. Once order is established teams select ONE player from their team to be the shooter. That player then steps up to (but not on or over) the center line with the power ball and gets 3 chances to make up to 3 baskets. Then the other team's shooter goes. If after each player has shot 3 times and the game is still tied, both teams are awarded 1 point each and each team gets 1 win.


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