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The basis of this camp is character building through the sport of Olympic Style Amateur Boxing Camp. Our Camp is designed to introduce kids to the rigors of hard training and self discipline. Remember, a confident kid is better prepared to turn away from delinquent behavior.   

Olympic Style Amateur Boxing helps combat childhood obesity by promoting physical fitness, emotional steadiness and self-confidence. Our boxing program teaches young people the importance of being self-reliant so they can go on to become Champions in Life!


Our program is broken into 3 phases: RED, WHITE & BLUE. The RED phase is run over an 7-week period. The RED phase is comprised of 14 sessions, 2 classes per week during the 7-week camp (Tues & Thurs 5:30PM - 6:30PM). Each 7-week session is limited to 10 - 12 students to insure students get the quality instruction they need and the attention they deserve.

Our program is offered to local youth age 9 to 16. There is one time $395 registration fee. This fee covers the student’s instruction and student's equipment (gloves, hand wraps, water bottle, 1 month FREE gym membership and a BCBA tee shirt | $110 value).

On the first day of camp "Orientation", kids are given a promotional packet that contains:

  • Camp Overview
  • Student Commitment To Excellence Contract
  • Program Rules & Regulations
  • Curriculum Breakdown
  • Student Workout Chart


During the 7-week period that makes up the RED phase students are challenged both physically and mentally. The RED phase is all about learning the basics and fundamentals of Olympic Style Amateur Boxing. Each class begins and ends with an interactive discussion between coaches and students. During these sessions coaches review previous lessons and solicit feedback from students while encouraging them to succeed.

All RED camp days end with a physical challenge and lesson quiz. These challenges are designed to chart a student's progress as it pertains to their fitness level and how they are grasping the boxing fundamentals they are being taught.

After successfully completing the RED phase students receive a Certificate of Completion and can move onto the WHITE phase of the program. WHITE phase students meet with coaches on Mon (Offense Training) & Wed (Defense Training) from 6PM - 7PM. Under their giudance, the WHITE phase is intended to bring together the boxing knowledge students have gained from the RED phase and further their skill development in the event a student desires to compete.

Again, only students that successfully complete the RED phase can move onto the WHITE phase (a $50 per month fee applies after your FIRST FREE month expires).

After a student's success in the WHITE phase, they becomes eligible to move onto the BLUE phase. Sparring and competition is available in the BLUE phase but a student MUST PROVE to the coaches they have grasped the boxing techniques and teachings learned during the WHITE phase. Coach's will be looking at as student's attendance, attitude and ability when making an athlete's assessment. Students must also show a desire and a willingness to engage/compete. When a student makes it to the BLUE phase the athlete is prepped for competition through sparring and advanced training (but student desire, parent's consent and coach's assessment is required). BLUE phase students meet with coaches on Tue & Thur from 6:30PM - 7:30PM and recieve open gym privledges MWF 6PM to 7PM. The BLUE phase costs $75 per month.

Make it to BLUE, We'll Make a Champ Out of YOU!

Making it to the BLUE phase comes with a host of benefits including:

  • The ability to compete for Team BCBA after Registering with USA Boxing
  • As a BLUE student you are offered advanced boxing instruction by Team BCBA's advanced boxing staff.
  • BLUE students are able to continue training at BCBA during extended operating hours M thru F 6PM - 7PM with coaching provided TUE & THUR 6:30PM - 7:30PM.
  • BLUE students are eligible to join Team BCBA on trips to outside Sporting Events and Boxing matches (included when funding is available)

Graduating to the BLUE phase comes with an added level of responsibility as well. At BCBA a BLUE Student is considered a leader. He/she must conduct himself/herself in a manner equal to that of a champion!

  • No horsing around or foul language will be tolerated.
  • BLUE Student must show a willingness to help others whether at BCBA or away from our gym.
  • BLUE Students must donate a small amount of their time each month to participate in BCBA Outreach. These events include:
    • Helping serve those less fortunate be it at a local shelter or church.
    • Helping clean up a local public park or monument.
    • Assisting a local merchant or resident with graffiti or snow removal etc.

This is just an overview of our boxing program, an intense and highly structured course designed to empower youth with the tools they’ll need to turn away from gangs, drugs and delinquency while battling the epidemic that is childhood obesity.

****BOYS & GIRLS AGES 9 - 16****
ONLY $395!

AVAILABLE for AGES 9 thru 16
(Fee include 14 Boxing Lessons, FREE Gloves, Hand wraps, Water Bottle, 1 Month Gym Membership and BCBA Tee Shirt)


Class size is limited.
Call 631.412.3686 for additional details.

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